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  • Data & Statistics

  • Tailor-made

  • Time slots

  • Season tickets

  • Shopping cart function

  • Seated ticketing

Data & Statistics

  • Collect extra information from your ticket buyers by adding questions to the registration form, e.g. date of birth, allergies, and anything else that is of interest to your venue.
  • Import and export barcodes
  • Generate detailed reports from the system


  • Determine your own service/administration/transaction costs:

Twelve Ticketing works with fixed rates for tickets and transactions. You determine yourself the costs to be charged to the visitors, which may be either higher or lower. The balance is paid directly into your account.

  • User-friendly & simple:

Set up your own ticket sales in no time, create a new show, event, exhibition or contest and start your own ticket sales.

Time slots

Want to spread visitor numbers evenly over the day, or can you only accommodate a limited number of visitors due to space limitations? Sell tickets based on time slots for your venue.

Look & Feel

  • You can easily customise the layout and ticket designs to suit your house style. Simply change the appearance of your ticketshop and create your own ticket design using our comprehensive ticket editor.
  • Multilingual: set up a ticketshop in all languages. We provide a number of standard languages, but you can add or edit any language you want.
  • Automatic overview page with all upcoming events.
  • Incorporate your ticketshop into your website via an iFrame, directly redirect visitors to the Twelve Ticketing website, or create a complete website integration with our comprehensive API.

(Unique) Discount codes

Set up discount offers based on a generic discount code or send unique discount codes to your (potential) visitors as a great way of driving more people to your event or venue.

Season tickets

Allow visitors to reserve a place or admission for the whole season. Access is granted by scanning a QR code (printed on a pass for example). This can of course be combined with fixed grandstand seats.

An additional fee may be charged for this service.

Shopping cart function

Sell tickets for multiple events or venues in a single order and also incorporate merchandising into the ticketing process.

Seated ticketing

Perfect for halls with fixed seats, specific table arrangements or, for example, a fixed camping spot. Allow visitors to select their own spot from a map, or automatically assign spots. Our optimised algorithms ensure optimum space utilisation.

An additional fee may be charged for this service.

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Integration with Twelve ePOS

The ticketing platform can easily be linked up to our ePOS system. Ideal for:

  • Scanning at the entrance or ticket sales on location
  • Linked to the Museum Card for automatic registration of Museum Card visitors