Fixed & connected


    Therefore no direct cable between the ePOS and the card reader is required, which makes you flexible in the set-up.

  • Everything under ONE ROOF

    We’ll take care of both the service of the ePOS system and the card reader.

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    All our models are suitable for contactless payment.


    The direct checkout does not require you to enter a separate amount on the device, this is faster and prevents errors.

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The mobile WiFi card reader

The mobile card readers are wireless and are controlled via your own WiFi network. Consequently this saves costs for a separate data bundle. This device can also be set up in such a way that it is controlled by the ePOS.

The mobile GPRS card reader

The mobile card readers are wireless. So they are very practical for mobile use. The devices are connected to the internet by means of a separate data bundle. So you’ll have a extra connection that you can use in case of poor internet connection

This device cannot be linked to an ePOS system, but is as it’s own ePOS part of the wider set-up.

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Separate and connected

This card reader is directly controlled by the ePOS system, but also has the possibility to function separately from the ePOS. This allows you to make electronic payments separate from the ePOS.

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