The most popular ePOS system in the Netherlands, now available in the UK


    Thanks to the simple layout, any volunteer will be able to work with the system immediately.
    Unnecessary features have been omitted, which makes the ePOS system manageable, user-friendly and affordable.


    Payment is quick and easy. Less waiting time for your customers.

AKAM Kassa - Twelve

    Cash, debit cards, tokens, mobile payment, stickers, passes, club cards and even season tickets.


    Everywhere and always insight into your turnover, loss and stock

Tablet and card reader for fixed & mobile use

The design of this device has been specially developed for easy transport. With only one cable this set can be connected to both power and internet.
This is an ideal system for locations with a fixed payment point at various locations. The tablet is easy to disconnect, which enables you to move the device to a different location with ease.

This variant is also available without a card reader.

Tabletkassa en Pin van Twelve

All-in-one budget ePOS system

Little space, but still looking for a trendy payment solution?

Despite the flexibility and the compact design, this ePOS is idiot-proof and suitable for a professional working environment.

Besides our own checkout software, this model has a built-in receipt printer & a customisable customer display. In that way customers can view their order and pictures and promotions can be showed to increase sales.

Twelve all-in-one budget kassa