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Why do we have the best payment solution for your event?

During your event, all orders and payments must be processed as quickly as possible. The people behind the bar, usually temporary staff, have to be able to start immediately. As an organisation you want insight into sales, stocks and how busy it is at the bar. Moreover, all visitors must be able to pay quickly and easily. We offer this solution.

Our experience, expertise and perfect service that you can focus on the event only! We guarantee that payments will be made quickly and safely.

We look forward to helping you making your next event a big success. Our user-friendly payment system can be used for all payment methods, tailored to your target group.

Snel afrekenen op jouw festival

The benefits for your event

All payment options
We support debit cards, cash, tokens, passes, wristbands, closed loop, mobile payment, QR code and on account

Everyone will be able to work with the system immediately.

Real-time insight
This allows you to watch where it is busy, to manage your staff as effectively as possible. With our stock system you can also see where additional products are needed.

We unburden you
We take care of your payment challenges.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Frequently asked questions

    We offer multiple options tailored to your wishes and infrastructure.
    We find it important to discuss your situation to ensure the best solution, tailored to your wishes. We ensure that everything is delivered to you in such a way that you can immediately start working. We also guide you with any power and/or internet connection provisions.

  • What are the costs of the system?

    This is difficult to say and very much depending on your wishes, therefore we first need more information from you. We are happy to visit you to discuss a possible cooperation.

  • We are a small event, is the system also suitable for us?

    Of course, also smaller events use our system. Because you want to give your visitors the perfect experience, it does not matter whether you are a small or large event.

  • What if the internet connection is lost?

    That would be very annoying, of course, But it is unlikely that this will happen. However to tackle this problem our system can also work offline! We are happy to explain all options to you during a demonstration on location.

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