Electronic payment at the bar (open-loop)

  • Allow your visitors to pay immediately by payment/credit card or smartphone
  • Payment device directly linked to the cash register
  • Fewer mistakes and fast transactions
  • Contactless payment
  • No top-up points at the bar
  • No cash at the bar
  • Mobile solutions for fast build-up and build-down

Mobile cash register

  • Cash register and PIN reader in a single device
  • Record an order at all locations with immediate payment
  • A true queue buster
  • To be deployed as an additional POS
  • Option to install the mobile cash register on a sleeve for optimum use
Betalen met pin en bandjes/pasjes - Hybride-loop

Payment with PIN and cashcard (hybrid)

  • The perfect solution for visitors with cash /li>
  • Open and closed loop combined
  • Payments with cashcards and PIN
  • Offline payment possible during Internet outage
  • Use closed loop for volunteers and personnel
  • Coupons for volunteers, personnel or VIPs
  • Personalised cashcards with own layout

twelve - count on us

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PINs at more festivals

At the majority of major festivals in the Netherlands you still pay with tokens, but this trend is slowly shifting towards PINs. Although tokens are still used at 16 of 20 major festivals, the festival world is slowly moving towards paying with a PIN at the bar, according to those in the know.

Twelve conquers festival market

The huge demand for Twelve's user-friendly cash systems within the sports world gave the first indications that their payment systems might be used on a larger scale. They have been successfully deployed at various festivals, ranging from major events to smaller-scale food truck festivals.

Twelve in EB Live Magazine

Twelve is a major player when it comes to payment solutions in the event industry. It's no secret that festival tokens will eventually be phased out. Twelve provides the solution where everyone can use a PIN at the bar. Visitors no longer have to stand in line for tokens and can head straight to the bar to pay.