Quick and easy payment


    Simple layout and unnecessary features have been omitted


    Also works without an internet connection


    Payment is quick and easy. Less waiting time for your customers.


    Everywhere and always insight into your turnover, loss and stock of all your accounts.

Card readers

We offer a broad range of card readers, specifically for your location.

Card reader are a necessary addition for hospitality locations. For every situation we have a solution that perfectly fits. Fixed, contactless and even temporary rent is possible.


Mobiel betalen met Twelve

KNIP app and payment cards

In addition to our card readers we also have another product to ensure less cash at your venue. The cashless package consists of the KNIP app and payment cards. The name KNIP comes from the old-fashioned Dutch ‘knip’ wallet.

Benefits of the KNIP app:

  • Insight into the balance and transactions of all your accounts;
  • Manage credits via the KNIP app;
    Pay or ask for money from other members via Whatsapp.
  • The possibility of mobile payments via the KNIP app. Bringing your wallet to the venue is no longer necessary.
  • Advanced cash-flow via the uploading of balances to the payment cards.

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