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    Simple layout and unnecessary features have been omitted


    Also works without an internet connection


    Payment is quick and easy. Less waiting time for your customers.


    Easily achievable Margin improvement of 5-10%


    Choose which payment methods are accepted. Find out more below

The card reader for your club

An ePOS system ensures less cash behind the bar, more convenience for your visitors and thus more sales for your club.

Our ePOS systems are very easy to operate, so any volunteer will be able to work with the system straight away. Also only one contact for both the ePOS and the card reader is needed. In addition, we ensure that all administrative activities are processed and that delivery will be quick and flexible. Even when you already have an ePOS or are not ready for a new ePOS yet, we can provide you with a card reader.

Cashless betaaloplossingen

KNIP app and club cards

In addition to our card readers we also have our cashless module to ensure less cash at your club. The cashless module consists of the KNIP app and club cards. The name KNIP comes from the old-fashioned Dutch ‘knip’ wallet.

Benefits of the KNIP app:

  • Insight into the balance and transactions of all your accounts;
  • Managing the teamcredit in the KNIP app;
    Pay or ask for money from other members via Whatsapp.
  • The possibility of mobile payment via the KNIP app. Bringing your wallet to the sports club is no longer necessary.

Customer display and digital price list

The digital price list shows the prices of the products that are sold in your canteen and can be displayed on any TV (we provide a mini computer to connect to your TV). Thanks to the link with our cash register system, it works quickly and easily. You can also show sponsor logos and/or other messages and ads.

The customer display shows the ordered products and the total amount ordered to the customer. You can also show the sponsor logos/ads here.

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