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Why do we offer the best solution for your stadium?

In stadiums you have to deal with peak moments. During these moments you want to gain insight into sales, offer easy and fast payments. But you absolutely don’t want long queues at the bar.

This is all covered with the user-friendly payment solutions from Twelve. We offer fast, safe and simple customised systems that every employee can use immediately.

We offer the right payment method for every stadium. Also, our management system ensures that all individual traders are provided with the right settings and reports. In short: Twelve offers a beneficial solution for the visitor, the stadium and the caterers.

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The benefits for your stadium

Operational lease
In addition to the purchase option, Twelve also offers an operational lease model, which means that you pay per match.

Open loop & closed loop (all payment options)
We offer an open loop system where you can pay with debit or credit card at the bar. This system enables cashless payments anywhere in the stadium. The payment system combines the advantages of an online system with offline payment.

Real-time insights
You are able to check your inventory, transactions, turnover and reports at any time.

On and offline payments
Our system is built to function both online and offline.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many ePOS and upgrade points do we need?

    This depends on many factors; number of visitors, number of catering points, average flow per catering point, etc. We therefore always discuss the desired wishes and set up.
    Based on experience with existing customers we see that on average you need one ePOS system per 200 visitors.

  • How does the cashless system work?

    This depends on the wishes, because we offer multiple options to go cashless. We ensure in all cases that the visitors experience the most convenient payment process possible and that there is no possibility (or wish!) to pay with cash at the bar. We are happy to discuss what the best cashless option for your stadium is.

  • Can anyone use the system?

    Certainly! Our system is built for volunteers and on-call workers. Because of the simple layout and the omission of unnecessary features everyone can start working within 1 minute.

  • What are the costs?

    We will draw up a competitive quotation based on the wishes and the required hardware. We will be happy to visit you for a demonstration on location.

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