Card reader at the bar (open-loop)

  • Payments by debit and credit card or phone (Apple Pay, Google Pay etc.)
  • Card reader directly linked to the ePOS
  • No mistakes and fast transactions
  • Pre-paid cards / wristbands not necessary
  • No top up points at the bar
  • No cash at the bar

Pay with pre-paid card / wristbands (closed-loop)

  • Personalised pre-paid card / wristbands
  • Integration with season ticket
  • Coupons for volunteers, sponsors and VIPs
  • No transaction costs
  • Offline payment possible in case of internet failure
  • Top up via mobile App
  • Pay via mobile App
Twelve tabletkassa en pinautomaat

Payment with debit/credit card and wristband/pre-paid card (hybrid)

  • Open and closed loop combined
  • Offline payment possible in case of internet failure
  • Use closed loop for volunteers / stewards
  • Coupons for volunteers or sponsors
  • Advance cash flow with closed loop
  • Best of both worlds

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